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Banjo Countertop

A little over a year ago we toured our house and knew right away that it was the one we wanted. Even though it was built in 1989 it was missing the dark paneled walls, low ceilings and closed rooms that plague most 1980’s houses. It definitely has more of a modern feel.

Then we walked into the bathrooms . . . I don’t know if it is the sea shell sinks, rusting gold faucets, wall-paper-torn-down-and-repainted walls or the banjo countertops that give it away.


(Note that I didn’t even know it was called a banjo countertop until my Mom said it, and some light Googling confirmed it)

Out of the three bathrooms, the downstairs half bath is the logical place to start. It’s small. Little plumbing work to be done. And it’s the place that guests come over and use.


And man, that countertop . . .


Things I’ve found so far:

The Bathroom Vanity and Mirror




Wainscoting, like this:


Other things on the to-do list:

  • Ceramic tile floor
  • All new baseboards
  • Scraping the ceiling to get rid of the popcorn (NOT looking forward to this)

I actually love the idea of putting a pedestal sink in the bathroom. In no other bathrooms can you get away with it other than a half-bath. But Cody made a good point on storage—making sure guests can find what they need in privacy (plunger, anyone?).

And a new toilet would be nice, but an easy way to cut out $200. Still on the fence for that one.

The good news is that it has already begun. Look what arrived yesterday:


Just make sure you're drooling over the light fixture, not the shell sink . . . 


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