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Bathroom Redo, Day Two(B)

This past Sunday I worked a little bit on the bathroom.

Last week Cody did take out the rest of the vanity and also removed the toilet, so this is my part of "Day Two" that just happens to take place a week later. That's how I roll.

I had wanted to get rid of the popcorn ceiling from day one (and I'd like to get rid of it all over my house!). Cody, being smart, said he had no problems removing the popcorn as long as I did it my self. He would take no part in the removal as he didn't see it worth the effort to remove.


Armed with a water bottle, a 5" putty knife, old jeans and a bright-yellow I-don't-care-if-this-gets-ruined college t-shirt, I grabbed the ladder and a kitchen chair and got to it.


At first, it wasn't difficult since I was working on the sloped area of the ceiling, but I quickly made a huge mess. To get the stuff off, you really have to soak it. So you're soaking, scraping, and all of the plaster material is slopping all over everything. Floor. Walls. Door.


Even this little thing. Who got covered in a snow of wet gooey plaster.



He then got put on a leash in the living room.



It was hard not being able to "help."


By the end of the three hours, I had a huge pile all over the floor. I used the putty knife to scrape as much as a could, then let it dry overnight so I could vacuum up the rest.


Slow work, but we're making progress.



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