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Fred's Texas Cafe and Some Mighty Fine Singing

Cody and I had to run an errand Tuesday afternoon and as you may guess, we decided to grab something for dinner (an unintentional theme that has been occurring on my blog lately . . .).

We drove through Fort Worth on Camp Bowie Blvd (which, I just love this area of Fort Worth) and ended up at Fred's Texas Cafe off of 7th Street, known as Fort Worth's West Side.

This bar and grill has been around for over 30 years and was featured on Food Network's Diners, Drive-In's and Dives:

Cody had heard of this place and had tried it just last week. It's just as you'd imagined: a Texan spin on your average local bar and grill (the video above does a good job of showing you the place).


Anyway, Cody got the Diablo Burger and I opted for the beef tacos. The only problem is that I didn't pay attention to the words on the menu that said, "All Tacos Seasoned with Outlaw Chef Taco Seasoning." Holy moly that taco was HOT! I am a wimp ever since I moved away from the green chile world of New Mexico. I could barely eat it!


(You can see that a lone fry that made it onto my taco plate. The server said it was my dessert.)

We were on our way out the door when Cody noticed a list of bands scheduled to play over the next few months. He saw "Luke Wade" and then just happened to see that he was playing right then!


Luke is from the same area that Cody is and I got to know him pretty well in college. He even played at our wedding.

When he saw us walking up towards the stage to sit down he said, "Whoa, is this really happening?" Haha. We hadn't heard him sing in years, so it was great to listen to his new songs. We could tell that he'd grown in his musical capabilities--I was blown away with how good he is.

Enjoy the video. You can also check him out at myspace.com/lukewadeandnocivilians.


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Yes, I too enjoyed FTC. I would love to own a condo on 7th street. I like the area a lot. Lucky for me I work 5 minutes away and can enjoy it often.

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