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Bathroom Redo, Day Three

When in doubt, call a professional.

That ended up being the theme of bathroom remodel project, day three being a few Monday's ago (geez, the past few weeks have been such a blur I've lost track).

Cody ended up taking this particular Monday off of work, mostly to clear his thoughts and to get some rest after losing Robert. Since the ceiling was scraped, the next step was to put the texture on the walls and ceiling, then paint.

We bought the texture dry in a bag and Cody mixed it as directed, but he couldn't really get the lumps out. When he then tried rolling it, it wasn't going on like we had hoped. There are so many corners in the oddly shaped bathroom that he couldn't get the texture looking right.

So he called it a day. We went to "Plan B" and we are now going to have a professional texture-er (or whatever they're called) spray it and have it match the rest of the house.

Okay, that's the end of the bathroom redo update. Now onto the second half . . .

Cody had mixed the texture in a large five gallon bucket and when he called it quits, he filled it with water and stuck it in the backyard to soak. So, even though Spangler didn't get involved in the actually rolling of the texture, he still managed to find himself in trouble.

This is how we found him:



We really couldn't stop laughing.


Which was problematic since I was trying to take pictures of him before we washed it off.


And he was obviously more interested in other things.

Taking pictures of dried plaster isn't fun when there are cats around.


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