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Carrots, Carpet and Lessons Learned

Not that I really can care about my carpet too much with a puppy, but the incident the other night was not quite what I had expected.

(We've postponed our quest for new carpet until after Spangler grew out of the puppy stage, which for labs is like two years old. Or five. Or ten, depending on who you talk to.)

It was late on a Friday night and Cody was gone for the weekend working. I had gone to the grocery store the night before and had picked up some carrots for a soup I wanted to make. Remembering that Spangler had liked the carrot tops a few weeks earlier (he had batted it around like a toy) I gave him half of a carrot as a leave-me-alone-and-go-play-with-something toy.

As a new dog owner, I didn't think much of it. Even if he started to eat it, it could be a healthy alternative to his usual snacks.


Not much playing went on. He went straight for the chewing. Not bad though. He was at least quiet and calm.


But he kept going. He kept chewing it, with obviously no intention of eating it. Soon, I had a orange spot on the carpet with a rather large pile of carrot pieces on top.


Sage even thought it was weird.

Especially since it quickly turned into his usual chewing pose--on his back.


Don't worry. I've taken the liberty to save you from the PG-13 images of Spangler chewing. This is a family friendly blog after all . . .


Unfortunately, my carpet suffered a much worse fate.

I've learned my lesson. Carrots, while in theory, are not good for your carpet when you have a 45 pound black lab puppy.


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