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The Quest for a Computer Desk

In our house in Illinois we had a great built-in desk in our kitchen area that we kept the computer on. I LOVED it as we used it daily. It was a good place to put bills, papers, and the other day-to-day stuff that collects.

Our house here in Texas was built in 1989 so it doesn't have a built-in desk of any kind. Cody and I have been talking about putting a small table in the living room/kitchen/kitchen table area to act as a computer desk and catch-all for the paper and bills.

Even though we talked about this over a year ago, I hadn't seen anything that I liked. My goals were:

  1. "Goes" with the furniture of the area, but not too matchy-matchy
  2. Small enough so the eye is still drawn to the fireplace
  3. Tall and wide enough that Cody can comfortably sit

I went antiquing this weekend with some girlfriends of mine and I came across a few options. I took some cell phone pictures so I could show Cody and think about them for a few days . . .

Option One:

This is the same type of look as our eat-in kitchen table. A raw wood that shows its age, complete with some burn marks on the top. I just love tables that show the history.

I love the structure of the table. Simple lines with not too much going on. Just my style.

My only concern with this one is size. Is it too wide? I'd have to measure the spot at our house and see if it would fit.


Option Two:

A totally different look than Option One, Option Two is more of a traditional table with detail on the legs and top. It's beautifully restored (or in just in that great of condition) and is the most expensive out of the three.

Not typically a piece that I'd like, but I just fell in love with this table.


Option Three:

Option Three is a mix of the simplicity of Option One and detail of Option Two. Only one problem . . . It's not a desk. This is one I think I could get away with using (women can suffer on comfort for cuteness, right?) but I just don't see Cody sitting at this little side table on the computer.

I am thinking it could be a good option for his office.


Now I just need to act on one of them before they get snatched up. The only problem with liking antiques is that they are truly one of a kind.


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I vote for #1... it just looks like your style. I don't think you would be happy with #2, it looks like it belongs in my house!

I agree with Mom. I like #1!

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