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Yes, He Was A Free Dog

I had mentioned before that we got Spangler from Cody's coworker, who had gotten him from another coworker. He was 10 weeks old when we picked him up in the parking lot of a local mall after his first owners realized that they didn't have the time to dedicate to a crazy lab puppy.

So, we got him for "free."

Before we even headed home we went to Petsmart and spent a good $70.00 on the necessities of owning a dog. If it hadn't been for friends lending a crate, it could have easily been hundreds of dollars more.

I could go on and on, but he's progressively gotten more expensive with the food, treats, toys, vet visits, etc. that come with owning a dog.

Let's back up to a week ago.

Spangler had been acting a little strange for about two days. He was just too good. Not getting into anything and not running around crazy. I was hoping that it was due to the fact that he was growing up, since he hit six months old last week. But, then he started to not eat his food, which is really strange. He's a lab, after all, and he usually scarfs it down in no time.

Then, the weirdest thing happened. I got back from my sister's wedding shower and he had about a 10" string of brownish saliva hanging out of his mouth. It wasn't normal saliva; it was so sticky that it just hung there no matter how much he moved. I wiped it up and noticed that it was really stinky. Gross.

I ran to Walmart to get the new paint for the bathroom (yep, decided to bite the bullet and repaint the bathroom) and Cody called me on my way home and said that the saliva issue had gotten progressively worse. So we made the decision to take him to the emergency vet.

I'm sure you see where this is going . . .

We get to the uber-expensive emergency vet about 6pm the Saturday before last and they were concerned that he might have been poisoned by something. They recommend doing a blood panel and xrays to try to diagnose the problem.

Before the blood panel even came back, the vet walked in and announced that she had found the problem. These were the xrays:



It turns out that Spangler ate a rock. It was a flat rock and was blocking the entrance to his digestive tract and it was obvious that the rock wasn't going to be able to be digested.


My favorite part was that it was just coincidental that we got to see the multiple strands of wire he chewed off the oscillating fan (you can see the fan in this picture here: we had set it up in front of the bathroom so the paint could dry faster and while the tile guys were here Spangler bit the plug completely off, but I had no idea he ate part of the cord!). He was already digesting the wire, so it wasn't a big deal, but pretty funny that it comes out so clearly in the xray.


So now we were faced with the decision of paying all sorts of money to get emergency stomach surgery on the dog to remove the rock, or wait to see if it passes. If we waited, we were told that it could put him in a lot of danger and possibly kill him.

Not really much of a choice, right?

So we signed the paperwork, passed over the credit card, and in less than two hours Spangler was in surgery getting the rock removed out of his stomach.

It ended up being bad timing since I was out of town this week for work. Spangler was supposed to come back on Monday evening but Cody got called out for work and we had to ask if he could stay one more night.

(He was described as "a handful" by the vet techs. They talked about turning their backs for just a few minutes just to find him sitting in his cage with all the newspaper that was put at the bottom of his crate hanging out of his mouth. Yes, we've experienced that before.)

He came home Tuesday and I don't think he showed one sign of slowing down, even though he has a huge 5" incision on his tummy.


He's was not supposed to run or jump for 7-10 days, so poor Cody. Last week was tough since he was a single parent to the un-exercised lab puppy. Pain meds, special food, antibiotics . . . All for this stinkin' rock.


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There is no such thing as a free dog or cat... just think about your "free" cat, Sage

Now instead of free, he is more of a investment.

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