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ThinBrick And Missing My Old Kitchen

We bought new construction when we moved to Illinois in 2005. Although we now prefer older an more established neighborhoods, I think it suited us well at the time.

One of the reasons why we ended up buying the house we did was for the kitchen. It was huge! And I just loved the dark cabinets.

The appliances were all new (and I still miss them, since our Texas house has the original 1989 microwave that we haven't replaced yet).

Kitchen Remodel 011

We had just moved in and were watching HGTV and there was a do-it-yourself project using ThinBrick, which is real brick that is cut thin so you can use it like a veneer. We knew we wanted to do the brick in the kitchen and jumped in.

Kitchen Remodel 012

It was our first home project (besides painting) ever.

Kitchen Remodel 013

Kitchen Remodel 016

Of course, we had the help of Sage, who likes to be in everything.

Kitchen Remodel 020

She is a little weird and likes to get under mostly anything, even a random plastic grocery bag or a 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. She'll find a way to get herself directly underneath it.

Kitchen Remodel 021

We started by putting up cement backer board up, covering everywhere there would be brick.

Kitchen Remodel 023

Cody killed the electricity to to the kitchen and extended out the electrical outlets by a half inch or so. We replaced the white plugs with brown so there wouldn't be a lot of contrast between the outlets and the brick.

Kitchen Remodel 030

Now came the fun part . . . We ended up trying three different kinds of construction adhesive, but finally found one that worked. Then at like 9pm I even ran back to the store to get more since we were already out, but what home DIY project isn't complete without multiple trips to the store?

Anyway, we literally glued on the ThinBrick how we wanted it to look. The corner pieces were used around the window and Cody just cut the brick to size if we needed it smaller.

Kitchen Remodel 032

Kitchen Remodel 035

Kitchen Remodel 037

Once we were done gluing, the messy part came in. We taped everything up as good as we could and used regular mortar to fill in the spaces. We had a giant baker-bag looking thing (a big version of what bakers use to ice a cake) and Cody would fill in the holes and I'd come by with the scraper to scrape it and give a nice flush rounded look.

Once everything was scraped, we then took a big brush and got the remaining mortar off the brick and let it dry!

Kitchen 001

We loved the final results as it made our average-new-construction-home-kitchen look a little bit more unique.

Kitchen 002

Buying the real stuff (real brick veneer, not "fake" cement brick) made the biggest difference. It ended up taking all weekend (as soon as we got home from work Friday to late Sunday) but we got over two years out of our kitchen before we moved and we'd do it again in a heartbeat.


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Oh, Jackie... you can't ever look back. There are things that I loved about every house I've lived in, except Tucson and Monterey. If I had looked back over the years, I can't imagine how miserable I would have been. We've lived in 18 different houses and while I can say good things about most, I just can't look back!

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