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All Dressed Up With Somewhere (in Dallas) To Go

I've talked about our friend Norm before. He led our trip to Kenya, Africa in December and I guess he liked us enough that he cooked us the longest/best dinner we've ever had. Norm is a total foodie and has continued to show us the finer things in life.

We made plans last month for dinner (finding an open Saturday that worked for everyone was next to impossible!) and he recommended a place called Old Warsaw, located in the "Uptown" neighborhood of Dallas.

It's old-school Dallas. Think oil, big hair and lots of money. Three key things that made us not fit in, yet they seemed to let us in anyway.

We got all dressed up. Cody's tie matched my skirt. Love it when we match.


Okay, these are phone pictures since I wasn't sure if old-school Dallas people would like it if I brought in my big camera . . . But trust me in that it was super good.


The funniest part of the evening was when Jacque noticed the bread knife at each of our plates. In the midst of old, heavy and real-silver flatware, the bread knife had "IKEA" stamped on the side.

All of a sudden I didn't feel quite so out of place!


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Wow! A friend who cooks is a good one to have!

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