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Exactly How I Envisioned the Computer Desk to Be

I've mentioned before that I've been looking for a computer desk for our kitchen/dining/family room. Our house in Illinois had a built in desk and it was a great place to catch all the daily paper crap that builds up (bills, mail, etc.) as well as a place to put our computer, which is a huge part of our daily life.

This weekend Cody and I headed down to San Antonio for some R&R. He gifted me the trip for my 28th birthday and we planned a weekend out doing some tourist stuff in downtown San Antonio, but spending most of our time in the towns surrounding the city.

(I also got a four day break from Spangler. Not that I needed a dog-mom break, but I really really really needed a dog-mom break.)

Friday we were in Johnson City, TX (home of our 36th President of the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson) for lunch and walked into a cute little antique shop next door called "The Old Lumber Yard."


I was in the front of the store and Cody had already headed to the back (he's the in-and-out-I've-already-been-around-the-store kind of a shopper). He came back and got me, pointing out this desk:



Oh, I loved it immediately. I'm all for simple lines (no turned legs please!) and the signs of age, small marks here and there, are beautiful. It is the perfect finish, and the exposed nails in the top sealed the deal. It is functional, as the desk is tall enough for Cody to sit at, and it has a super deep drawer, enough to keep the paper crap we have in our house nice and organized.

Since I'm such a great planner, we had no idea whether or not the desk would fit the spot we had for it. Luckily, we conned our friends, who have a key to our house, to come and measure the spot Friday evening so we knew we had plenty of room.

It wasn't exactly convenient to drive back to Johnson City on Saturday afternoon, but we made it right before they closed. We got it home and the finished product is:


And I know, another horrible picture, but you can see the detail of the handle. Love it.


A fantastic birthday present. And, I'm so happy to finally have what is in my head in real life. While getting the stacks of mail off my counter.


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