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LBJ's Texas White House

As part of our long weekend to San Antonio, we stopped by the Lyndon B. Johnson National Historic Park outside of Johnson City, TX.

I'll be honest, it took us 20 minutes and about two lovers spats (we only argue when it comes to directions) to find the place. It totally threw us off that you have to go to the state park to get the pass for the national park--although we probably made it more complicated than it needed to be.

Good news is that we made it, put our CD in the car for the audio tour, and we were on our way.


The ranch is still a working ranch, so they work cattle, grow and bale their own hay, etc. They are wanting to keep it as similar to it was during LBJ's 1960's presidency as they can.

We saw a ton of deer.


The cows were fat! Well, a lot of them were pregnant, but this calf below seemed a bit big to still be feeding off his mom.

(Sorry Momma Cow, just my opinion, but do you think he may be getting too old?)

I don't think she liked us looking at her.


Man, it was beautiful. The huge open Texas sky dotted by the clouds.


I could live here.


I had visited here back in 1997 with my parents, but since "Lady Bird" (as LBJ's wife was called) was still living here, we could only walk next to her home. She passed away in 2007 and the National Park Service took over her house. We got to go inside, but no photography was allowed. They are restoring it to the 1960's "look" as well.


You could really see why LBJ wanted to come here as much as he did. The tranquility he must have felt over living in Washington D.C. . . especially since he was dealing with the Vietnam War. They had a lot of pictures of his cabinet and other important people that would come here for meetings. LBJ even had a phone wired to his pool so he could take calls wherever he was.


A bit off the beaten path since it's about an hours drive from San Antonio, but beautiful country and a good way to see the other side of a presidency. Sometimes I forget they are people too. I get so caught up in policies and what I agree or disagree with.

Glad we have preserved it.


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