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Spangler *hearts* Plastic

Spangler turns 11 months old next week. Even though we are losing the ability to blame anything on being a puppy, he is still very much showing his puppiness . . . and the latest way is his affinity for plastic.

Plastic Ingestion #1

Spangler was fixed just a week ago. We had been delaying getting him fixed (they recommended getting dogs fixed around six months) at the request of his vet. When he ate the rock earlier this Spring, he had some swelling issues that lasted probably two months after the surgery and she had concern that he might be allergic to the type of sutures used. To make sure that all had healed in time for his manhood-removal, she recommended waiting until "September or October." So, we followed her recommendation, but I called the first week of September to make the appointment.

When I went to pick him up from his surgery, the vet chose to send him home in a cone since he had already been caught licking his incision. Knowing the damage he is able to do, I agreed that the cone was the best approach.

Long story short, we got home from church the Sunday before last and not only had he removed his cone, but he was able to swallow a good portion of it.

He woke up Cody two nights later throwing up (how nice that I was able to sleep through it!) and we were able to get the majority of the cone pieces that way.

Plastic Ingestion #2

We took Spangler back to the vet a bit unexpectedly this past Thursday as Cody's Grandmother Bonita left us Thursday morning and we needed to get to his parents house as quickly as we could. We were coming home Sunday, but with the funeral at 11am and the vet closing at Noon, there was no way picking him up would work. Luckily, we have nice enough friends and so Jace was able to make it over to the vet and pick him up.

This is what he was met with:


According to the note that was sent home, the boarding staff showed up Saturday morning and was doing their morning checks. They had the clipboard on the outside of his kennel run and in the five minutes they were gone, he had chewed a good portion through the door.

New policy at the veterinary boarding facility is nothing hanging on the kennel runs, thanks to Spangler.

We're still waiting on the leftovers from the clipboard to make a reappearance, but obviously Spangler has no problem devouring anything plastic.

Spangler <3's plastic.


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I love it!

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