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Wanna-Be Maternity Photographer

My friend Jacque asked me to take some maternity pictures this morning. She is due in the next few weeks and getting preggo pics before she popped was a must!

Being able to become a mom is something she's always wanted, so capturing her pregnancy this way is something I know she'll treasure forever.


We headed to downtown Arlington, TX this morning--which is an up and coming area here in North Texas. It was a bit chilly (for Texas standards) but warmed up quickly.



"H" for James Hudson (but they are going with Hudson for his day-to-day name).


The morning light was pretty harsh, but we ended up finding some great lighting options under a performance pavilion across from City Hall.



We also took a few pictures at a historic site just a few blocks from the downtown area. This was a little too weird, but the homestead's original owner is actually named James Hudson Knapp. Strange coincidence!


It was so much fun and I'm happy with the way they've turned out, even if I'm just a wanna-be maternity photographer!


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James Hudson on the sign! That's awesome! It also says November 15 above that on the sign. Maybe that'll be the birth date??

Very nice!

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