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Baby's Room Update

I have this week off from work and I've been committing myself every day to do something to get the baby's room done--or at least in livable condition. We only have five weeks left until her due date, and only two weeks left until she is considered full term. (Holy cow!)

To prep for my goal of getting the baby's room done I did a little bit of online shopping the week before last and found some items I'm pretty excited about.

(I have been planning on doing a collage on the wall and knew I wanted to fill it with mainly vintage girlie items. Shopping with my Mom and sisters a few weeks ago was supposed to entail  a trip to Canton, this huge outdoor flea market, but we ended up not going so I needed a plan B.)

I went over to etsy.com and literally within a half hour, I found exactly what I had been envisioning in my mind.


Baby Doll Dress


Purchased in the Beca Runs shop.

This is a baby doll dress with a delicate blue and white lace pattern. The red glass buttons just set it perfectly, as it matches the main fabric I'm using in the room.


1940's Paper Doll Set


Purchased in the Songbird Industries shop.

This 1940's paper doll is named Curly Top and has real mohair hair. It was designed by Alma de Journette, although I have no idea who that is! I just thought this was adorable to frame and put on the wall.

She's a bit taller than I thought she'd be, since she is right around 13" tall, but she is just perfect.


Set of Three Baby Blocks


Purchased in the Venus Envy shop.

These are pretty tiny in real life (1.5" blocks) but I was able to score two out of the three blocks with the letter "A" on them, which is the initial of our little girl's first name. (No, we haven't picked it yet, but we have our short-list done and all three names start with an "A".)

They are a mix of embossed, carved and printed letters, animals and different pictures.


Set of Three Tissue Poms


Purchased in the Prost to the Host shop.

I just ordered these last night after a couple-hour search for a mobile that I actually liked. Either the one I liked was $100 or they were just plain ugly. I'm not sure Cody is really a fan of paper flowers hanging from the ceiling of our daughter's room, but I think it will turn out cute! I got to pick what colors I wanted and so I went with the off-white, mandarin and sunset colors.


It's been so much fun to get these packages in the mail with all the goodies. I'm going to put the collage up tomorrow (I'm really slow at these kind of things) so stay tuned . . .


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