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Baby's Room Update

I have this week off from work and I've been committing myself every day to do something to get the baby's room done--or at least in livable condition. We only have five weeks left until her due date, and only two weeks left until she is considered full term. (Holy cow!)

To prep for my goal of getting the baby's room done I did a little bit of online shopping the week before last and found some items I'm pretty excited about.

(I have been planning on doing a collage on the wall and knew I wanted to fill it with mainly vintage girlie items. Shopping with my Mom and sisters a few weeks ago was supposed to entail  a trip to Canton, this huge outdoor flea market, but we ended up not going so I needed a plan B.)

I went over to etsy.com and literally within a half hour, I found exactly what I had been envisioning in my mind.


Baby Doll Dress


Purchased in the Beca Runs shop.

This is a baby doll dress with a delicate blue and white lace pattern. The red glass buttons just set it perfectly, as it matches the main fabric I'm using in the room.


1940's Paper Doll Set


Purchased in the Songbird Industries shop.

This 1940's paper doll is named Curly Top and has real mohair hair. It was designed by Alma de Journette, although I have no idea who that is! I just thought this was adorable to frame and put on the wall.

She's a bit taller than I thought she'd be, since she is right around 13" tall, but she is just perfect.


Set of Three Baby Blocks


Purchased in the Venus Envy shop.

These are pretty tiny in real life (1.5" blocks) but I was able to score two out of the three blocks with the letter "A" on them, which is the initial of our little girl's first name. (No, we haven't picked it yet, but we have our short-list done and all three names start with an "A".)

They are a mix of embossed, carved and printed letters, animals and different pictures.


Set of Three Tissue Poms


Purchased in the Prost to the Host shop.

I just ordered these last night after a couple-hour search for a mobile that I actually liked. Either the one I liked was $100 or they were just plain ugly. I'm not sure Cody is really a fan of paper flowers hanging from the ceiling of our daughter's room, but I think it will turn out cute! I got to pick what colors I wanted and so I went with the off-white, mandarin and sunset colors.


It's been so much fun to get these packages in the mail with all the goodies. I'm going to put the collage up tomorrow (I'm really slow at these kind of things) so stay tuned . . .


A 34 Week Reminder

Yesterday I had my 34 week check-up. Usually these are pretty straight-forward. You pee in a cup. They measure your stomach. The doctor listens to the baby's heartbeat. You tell the doctor any symptoms/complaints you're having. You ask any questions. And then, you're done.

I always ask when scheduling my next appointment if there is anything in addition to this usual routine. Medical procedures and I don't really mix well, so knowing what is coming is 90% of what I do to deal with my anxiety. 

This knowing-ahead-of-time approach has worked out really well so far. I knew when I had to do my blood glucose test and doing my every-other-week blood draws have become very predictable. I'm sure there is some scientific explanation to all this, but I know that the more I know in advance about what is scheduled to happen, the better I am in dealing with the situation.

This all sets up what happened yesterday . . . I walk into the exam room and was asked to strip down into my birthday suit for an exam and strep B test (a bacterial infection that is common and no big deal, but they have to know so they can give me antibiotics during delivery so I don't give it to our baby).

I freaked out.

I was NOT prepared for this. It totally caught me off guard. That poor nurse . . . She's standing there with an 8.5 month pregnant woman who is freaking out about a simple procedure and exam. Dr. U comes in and tells me I don't have to do it now if I'm not comfortable but through talking to her and her walking me through what it exactly entails. I get it done but I'm holding back this huge wave of anxiety the entire time.

All of a sudden, I felt very unsure and scared about delivering this baby. I felt like an idiot for freaking out about something so small and simple. If I can't even do that, how can I deliver a baby?

I leave the office and call Cody crying.

He reminds me that I can do this. My body is made to deliver a baby. It will know what to do when I don't.

He reassures me that he will be there during the whole thing. And that we are preparing for it as much as we can.

He tells me that I am not in control, no matter how much I want to be. I have to submit to God and let Him be in control of my life. And that includes my physical body and delivering this baby.

He comes home with these:


He hugs me and reassures me and tells me it's okay.

He shows me how much he loves me.

And I'm reminded that I'm married to the most wonderful man in the world.


A Little Tex-Mex Teaser

For those of you not familar with the difference, there is a big difference between "Tex-Mex" and "Mexican" food. Tex-Mex is a blend of Mexican and American foods and is not to be confused with "Mexican," "Mexican-American" or "New Mexican" food.

Really, it's not meant to be confusing, but if you're not from the Southwest part of the United States it's probably not something you hear diferentiated very often.

I was out with my Mom and two of my three sisters shopping in an area East of Dallas. My sister, Steph, went from fine to famished in 2.34 seconds, so we pulled into a local Tex-Mex place, Pancho and Lefty's.


This is not the fanciest restaurant I've ever been too, I'll tell you that much. The building has seen better days and you can totally tell it used to be a Dairy Queen. But, for Tex-Mex, it's pretty darn good.


Flauta's, my go-to dish, with refried beans and melted cheese and Mexican rice.

Tex-Mex through and through.


White Milk on a Black Dog

For the most part, I'm a cereal person for breakfast. I used to not eat breakfast at all, but got into the habit of having oatmeal once I got to work while living in Chicago. With a two-hour commute into the office, I'd get pretty hungry, and oatmeal was an office-friendly breakfast (little stink, quick to make).

Once we moved to Texas and I worked from home, I transitioned to a good old-fashioned cold cereal and have pretty much stuck with it.

The other morning I ate my cereal while watching the morning news and then got to work. I heard a noise and knew that Spangler was into something. I called his name and found him like this:


When you're a solid black dog, it's really hard to hide white milk splatters across your entire face. He looked pretty funny.


Of course, finding white milk over my side table and couch wasn't quite as humorous, but I learned my lesson about accidentally leaving my breakfast leftovers out and accessible.


Me and Baking: Just Not Meant to Be

I've talked about how I want to be a good cook and a good baker, but I'm just not sure if it's really in me.

I see beautiful cakes, eat super good pies, breads and cookies . . . wishing that it could be something I could just whip up, but I don't have that kind of luck.

I needed to get some Christmas cookies made for a church function and of course, I make this big complicated plan in my head. I wanted three different types of cookies and chose some simple spritz cookies, a chocolate mint cookie, and butter toffee. Keep in mind I've sucked at the spritz cookies many times before and I've never even made the two other types.

By the end of the day, I axed the butter toffee due to lack of time, had gotten very frustrated over the spritz cookies (the cookie press and I just weren't getting along) and the chocolate mint cookies came out raw my first few batches and the recooking process made them hard as rocks. Therefore, I was just left with this:



Maybe me and baking are just not meant to be.

It's Been A Long Week

I was off to Philadlephia this past week for work, and it's always difficult when you're at a client site, going to meetings, and yet you still have your job to do. (Which mine, it seems like, is sending email . . . I think my job title should, in fact, be switched to "Conference Call Attender and Email Sender.")

I got in late Thursday night due to a "winter storm" in Philadelphia (if you call an inch of snow a winter storm) and then up Friday morning early for an east-coast 8am meeting (7am my time). Up again Saturday morning to take my sister to the airport. I'm pretty tired, which is evedent by my morning mishap.


A glass of ice water and a cup of hot chocolate is how I've been spending my mornings these past few months and I put the packet of hot chocolate mix in the ice water instead of the hot water.

I think I need a nap.


Finally Making It To Downtown Philadelphia

A few weeks ago I was in Philadelphia and I made it to a recommended suburban sushi restaurant, which was great and really hit my recent cravings for (cooked) sushi. But . . . I really wanted to check out some of what the downtown area had to offer. With all that American history around, I couldn't pass it up.

I was in Pennsylvania almost all of this past work week, and knew we had to make time to enjoy at least one evening downtown.

Philadelphia 5

On Wednesday my coworker and I managed to get out of the office by 5ish and make the commute into the city. A little bit of online research brought us to chose City Tavern, a restaurant that has been around since 1773.

John Adams called it, "The most genteel tavern in America" and Paul Revere had rode up to the Tavern with the news of the closing of the port of Boston by the British Government. So cool! A ton of history, and a great place to pick when we only had one evening in the city.

Besides the fact that it was SO cold there in Philadelphia (I'm too spoiled by these Texas winters!) the building was as amazing as we thought it would be. The food, although pricey, was great. Three different 18th century breads to start off the meal and I ordered the homemade chicken pot pie--it definitely hit the spot.

Philadelphia 3

We were only a few blocks from Independence Hall so after dinner we found an open loading zone, threw on the hazard lights, and ran across the street to take a peek, even though the tower is under construction.

For whatever reason you can't walk in front of it without gaining access to the park (which was closed) but we could grab a couple pictures from across the street.

Loved that I finally made it to downtown Philadelphia and that I got to catch a glimpse of some American history!



Loving that Cody and I have been able to cook dinner together three nights this past week. It always seems like such a treat when we are just in the everyday moment, him taking on the meat and me getting the side dishes together.

Loving that our house is 90% decorated for Christmas. (I have a couple things that aren't done, but I'm embracing that maybe it just won't all get done for this year.)

Loving that we got the baby furniture delivered this past week and that no assembly is required. (Cody is probably loving that more than me!)


Loving that my hip pain has disappeared since Dr. U reset my alignment during my 32 week checkup yesterday. Even though she scared the living daylights out of me when she did it. (Imagine an 8 month preggo woman, laying on the table, and her doctor yanking her left leg as hard as physically possible when the preggo woman yelps out of surprise and then turns bright red from embarassment. Then her husband laughing at her.)

Loving the idea of my family possibly coming over for Christmas. This whole baby thing has me appreciating and loving my parents more and more and I definitely want to spend the holidays with them.

Loving hot chocolate.

Loving the two ginormous wall stickers I got in the mail from Leen The Graphics Queen. A big chandelier for the baby's room and she even mailed us a free wreath sticker with a big "M" in the middle that is just amazing. (I'm imagining a big antique window with the sticker on it, for above the mantle next year.)

Loving finding out that my tetnus shot I got last year for Africa covers me from whopping cough/Pertussis. No extra shot for me and our little girl is protected.

Loving that all the kicks (even those to the bladder) are reminders that our little girl is healthy and moving.


32 Weeks Down, 8 Weeks To Go

Dear Little Girl,

We got to see you today, the first time since we found out you were a girl over 13 weeks ago. Trust me--it has felt like a long time since we've seen you and even more importantly, to know that you are growing and progressing like you should.

As soon as the technician put the sonogram-wand-thingie on my stomach we were greeted with this:


(Sometimes it's hard to know what you're looking at . . . here is my translation:)


For the first time, I had some big tears roll down my cheek at the doctor's office because it was so incredible to see your face. What an intense feeling.

I grabbed your Daddy's hand in disbelief at what we have made. We say this to each other all the time, but we are just so ready for you to get here so we can meet you.

You are 3 pounds, 15 ounces and are exactly in the weight range of "normal." We got to see that your organs look healthy (all four chambers of your heart, kidneys) and your arms and legs are the right length. Your heart was beating at 136 bpm, which again, is right where it should be!

Mommy was a bit concerned that we might get surprised and you could turn out to be a boy, but you had no shame in showing us that you were a girl!

We've started our birthing classes, which are a long 12 weeks, but we're hoping the preparation means an easier (well, as easy as pushing you out can be) and hopefully natural birth.

It seems so perfect that you are coming into our lives right now that I know this entire process was completely orchestrated by God. We can't wait to see your face for-reals . . . only two months away!




As Usual, I'm A Little Late to the Game

You can ask Cody, but I tend to be late in discovering really anything. I'll hear a "new" song, just to find out it was released a year before. Or, find some great new product, to be told that there are already newer and better products out there. The worst is movies. I didn't watch the 1970's Star Wars movies until high school/college. A bit embarassing . . .

To add to the embarassment, I have to admit that I just discovered Amazon.com. Not that I didn't know it existed, and I had even used it a few times, but I just found out how wonderful it can be to order something that you normall wouldn't purchase online and have it delivered driectly to your front door. I mean, Amazon.com is not just for books!

I tell people, "Yeah, did you know that you can order pretty much anything from Amazon.com? Did you know that if you're a Amazon Prime member, you get free two-day shipping? I mean, this stuff just comes to your door! And I'm getting it cheap!"

Then, they look at me crazy like, "Uhhhh, yes Jackie. I've used Amazon.com for a long time and already knew that."

I'm discovering that Amazon.com could possibly be the best place to get diapers and wipes. I got a HUGE box of diapers (delivered, for free, the day after I ordered it) for only $20.27 and a three-pack of wipes for $10.15. I got free Amazon Prime membership for joining their Amazon Mom program which means an extra 30% off some of their baby item deals.

Of course, I didn't stop there and so I've gotten some books, Cody's Christmas gift, and some other things (which, I'm sure, is the idea behind the whole give-a-pregnant-lady-free-two-day-shipping-and-she'll-order-a-crapload-of-stuff marketing campaign).

So, I'm a little late to the game, but it seems that it's just how I roll.