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Multi-Tasking, A Good Way To Start The Week

Cody is out of town this week for work and I knew that I wouldn't want to be at the house, by myself, with a 9.5 week old baby and a 83 pound black lab. So, I made plans to head out to my parents house for two nights. I could get adult time and they could get Anna time.

My parents aren't, what you call, large dog people so I was set to board Spangler at our vet for both nights (we tried boarding him at the doggy-fun-park-type place but ended up with a significant vet bill, so we opt now for the vet boarding).

Cody and I were both up around 6am and I began the huge task of packing for myself, Anna and Spangler. I was proud that I ended up getting everything done by around 9:30 (hey, three and a half hours isn't TOO bad, right?) which was a half hour before my 10am deadline. I had a 11:15 appointment with the oncologist and needed to get Spangler to the vet before then. Also, because I'm so good at planning ahead, I realized that we were pretty much out of dog food, so I needed to stop by the pet store before taking Spangler to the vet.

I'm not really sure how, but I managed to pick up a small bag of dog food with both Anna and Spangler in tow and we made it to the vet by 10:30. My three and a half hour prep time that morning didn't allow any time for breakfast so I swung into McDonald's and got their new steak and egg breakfast burrito (highly recommended if you crave a little Micky D's now and then) and started to head over to the oncologist.


Anna was waking up and getting very hungry, and in my moment of super-Mom-ness I heated her already-prepared bottle, on the drive over, in the hot water that I brought from home. (Sometimes I feel like I have everything under control. Just don't ask me about the time I drove 25 minutes to meet my sister for lunch and left Anna's prepared bottle, as well as the shield I have to use when I nurse her, sitting on the bench next to the front door. Nothing like having NO way to feed your hungry child. That is just one of my not-so-great Mom moments.)

We got to my oncologist appointment early (Cody would be so proud!) and it was great to provide a distraction for the folks in the waiting room, most who appeared to be undergoing chemo. Who doesn't feel better when looking at an adorable baby?

The nurse assistant called on Friday to remind me of my appointment and made me promise to bring Anna, and sure enough, the entire staff was all over her. I had no problems finding someone to hold her while they drew blood, checked my vitals and weighed me. And then it was wait time for Dr. A.


(I've mentioned before that I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP) back when I was only 15 weeks pregnant with Anna. At delivery my blood platelet levels came in at 54k, just shy of the 50k mark, which is when I would have had to get a platelet transfusion. The day after I delivered they came in at 64k, and I was hopeful that my ITP was only gestational, but at my six week post-delivery doctors appointment, they came in at 55k.)

Dr. A came in and after getting some Anna-holding time, finally made the "official" diagnosis of chronic ITP. He told me that he felt comfortable with me not getting the bone marrow test (a huge relief, since I really didn't want to have to go through that) and just wants me to get monitored once a month for the next six months, then every year after that.


As long as my platelets can stay over 20k, I'll be okay.

It was a huge relief. I had a good morning where I felt in control of the craziness of packing and getting everything together. I had an even better morning where I got some good news in a possibly bad situation.

It was a good start to the week.


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There seems to be a McDonald's trend post pregnancy...

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