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Rasing Her Up Right

My friend Jacque came over with her own bundle of joy, Hudson, who is now almost 20 weeks old.


The size difference between Anna and Hudson is pretty laughable. It makes sense since they are 10 weeks apart. Anna now weighs just a little over what Hudson did when he was born. So, to humor Jacque and myself we laid them side by side in Anna's pack-and-play and got a kick out of how different they are from each other.


But then Hudson made a move.


"Hey Anna. I like the rolls on your thigh."


"Your skin is pretty soft. Does your Mom use Johnson and Johnson's too?"


"You know, the kind in the yellow bottle?"

I don't think Anna was having any of it.


"Um, excuse me Hudson."

"But my Daddy said I can't touch boys until I'm at least 35."

Yep. Her Daddy is raising her up right!


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