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Living Room and Dining Room Redecoration, Day 1

Cody and I moved into our house in February of 2009. One of the reasons we bought it over some of the other homes we looked at was that parts of it were already updated--lots of white moulding, my favorite! But, one of the things we knew we wanted to replace once we moved in was the flooring.

And it's now April of 2011 (26 months later) and we still have the same flooring.

The carpet has seen better days and even the hardwood floors aren't in the best condition (and it's the kind of hardwood that we can't sand down and stain). The previous owner installed the hardwood floor himself, laying it in a brick pattern instead of the random pattern that it should have been. It also had some considerable water damage around the windows and had begun to separate from each other in some areas (so when I mopped the dirty water would seep down in the spaces and it was just gross).

We're FINALLY getting the downstairs flooring redone and we're using this opportunity to also redo the look of the living and dining room.


The main colors were taken from our house in Illinois, which are a deep red with oranges and yellows. I used the "primitive" look (new things that look old) mixed in with the some traditional items, like the shape of the leather couches.


(Sniff. I will miss these pillows, although they really do need to be replaced. The front fabric was a steal. Originally $80/yard 100% silk, I got one yard for $18. I just used $1/yard red polyester fabric from Wal-Mart for the back.)


It's good timing to change the look since Spangler managed to pull the curtain through his crate, ripping the bottom to shreds. He also bent the curtain rod.


The other good reason this is happening is because at the entry to our house we have a grey marble tile, which in itself isn't bad, but three different types of flooring just come together here. And that is just a big no-no.

Hey, the rule of threes is always good in design, just not when it comes to flooring.


Day One

Yesterday Cody headed to Home Depot and picked up 45 boxes of tile. We are using the same tile we used in the half bathroom last summer, Tuscany Rouge 18 x 18 porcelain tile. We lucked out and found a store that had, in stock, enough for the entire project. He got  all 45 boxes of tile, 12 50lb bags of thinset and four 25lb bags of grout. The tile weighed 65lbs PER BOX so it took two pick-up trucks to haul it to our house. Thank goodness for good friends in pick-up trucks!


We moved the furniture out and the flooring/redecoration project has begun.

(Hi Sage!)


It's going to be fun to have all this going on with a big black dog and a 11 week old baby.


But, I know it's going to pay off.

Stay tuned . . .


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