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Spangler, Look at Me.

We've had a ton of rain in North Texas recently (and like much of the country, lots of tornados and really bad thunderstorms) so the dirt in the backyard dirt is really soft (our backyard has been turned into dirt with grass patches from Spangler--nice, huh?). 

Yesterday afternoon I walked outside to let Spangler back inside and wasn't surprised to see this:


Spangler was looking at me with his paws and muzzle covered in wet, sandy dirt. He knew exactly what he did and that he was in trouble.

"Spangler, sit."

<He sits.>

"Look at me. Spangler . . ."

<Very slowly looks at me.>


"Did you dig a hole in the backyard?"

<He looks away and lies down right where he was sitting.>


It's like he was so defeated that he got caught that I couldn't really discipline him. It's like he was punishing himself. (Well, I say that because I guess I'm justifying not punishing him? Man. He better feel lucky that his Mom is such a softie!)

So I wiped him off and took him back inside.


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