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Anna's New Socks

I mentioned that we helped my sister move her stuff from Amarillo back to North Texas and knowing that it wouldn't be a good thing to drag Anna along to do, she got to spend the day with my parents.

I called to check-in on her and my Mom mentioned that I had forgotten to pack socks and that her feet were cold. She reassured me that she was fine as she just borrowed a pair of my Dad's socks for her.


My Dad is a full-grown man and wears (I think) size nine shoes. Anna is four months old and has mini-feet, since she still wears newborn (0-6 week) shoes.

So, naturally, I started laughing since this whole idea was pretty hilarious to me. My Mom, who hears me laughing, says (in a completely serious tone), "Oh no, Jackie. They're not tube socks. They're your Dad's ankle socks."


Ohhhhhhh. Okay Mom. That doesn't make it any less funny!


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I'm not the one who didn't pack socks, and Anna's feet were warm... she's not that fashion conscious yet!

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