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Got Some Pictures In The Mail

I am notorious for adding things to my shopping cart and having them sit there. I'll go "shopping" online, spend 30 minutes looking at things, and then just let it sit there in the cart. It can be fun to just look, with no intent to buy, but I also do this on things I need to get.

Like, the dog crate I owe friends Jace and Randy. Ummmmm . . . This is a bit awkward to admit, but they let us "borrow" a dog crate for Spangler when we first got him (note that he is 18 months old now). Since he's pretty much used it into the ground, we told them (disclosure: six months ago) that we'd just buy them a brand new one. So, multiple times I've gone out to Amazon.com and found one, added it to my cart, with the intention of checking with Cody that it's the right one, but actually buying it never happens.

I really need to get that done.

I think the worst is pictures. I order my pictures from ScrapbookPictures.com (love their quality) and back last December I added pictures from my friend Jacque's baby shower, since part of her shower gift was creating a mini photo album that everyone would sign. The only problem is that I never made the picture order. (Another disclosure: note that Hudson is now six months old.)

Then, after Anna was born, I added more pictures to my shopping cart of her birth. Still never made the order.

So, last week I finally added the pictures I needed to get printed, and CHECKED OUT.

This, was a big deal.

I got my order in the mail and nothing is more exciting than getting printed pictures in your hands. I'll be finishing Jacque's shower album, getting more of Anna's baby album done, and updating picture frames throughout my house.

Pile-of-pictures copy

I'm excited.

Now to order that dog crate . . .


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