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Woops, He Did It Again

It's not a secret that we've spent a lot of money on Spangler these past 18 months. He's notorious for getting into things . . . Things that usually end in money being spent at the vet.

We had to spend Saturday in Amarillo helping my sister move. It was a long, all-day affair (about 12 hours of driving) so my other sister, Dianne, volunteered to watch Spangler. She has a husky/German Shepard mix and we thought they'd be perfect together since they are both teenage boys who get a little crazy sometimes.


All seemed to go well, and I received updates throughout the day. They were playing hard, but enjoying the time together.


Did I mention that they were playing pretty hard?

He acted pretty tired but Monday morning it took him two tries to make it in the car (Spangler rides with me to take Anna to the babysitter). I thought it was strange when it took him two tries again that afternoon, but thought he had likely pulled a muscle from all the crazy playing.

Tuesday morning he showed no interest in dropping off Anna with me, and that is when I started to get concerned. By the afternoon, he was just lying on the floor moaning. I knew at that time we needed to go to the vet.

But of course . . . it's now after 5pm so we have to go where?

The emergency vet, which means everything costs twice as much! His blood work came back normal except his platelet counts (which didn't make me too concerned since they were still triple than mine).

He did have a high fever, so we were going down the path of him having an infection (likely from rough-housing) so antibiotics it was. We headed home with fluids injected into his skin (to make sure he stayed hydrated) and two different kinds of antibiotics. 

But Tuesday night was horrible.

All night long he cried and whined and he couldn't get comfortable. We felt so bad. So, when I came back from taking Anna to the babysitter Wednesday morning and found that he hadn't moved, crying even more than he was before, I knew we needed to go back to the vet.

I seriously thought he was going to die. He was acting that bad.

We were really fortunate that we have such a great vet who took the time to thoroughly exam him. After pressing over his body we finally got a reaction when a certain spot in his spine touched, so we knew where to x-ray. Our vet (fortunately, or unfortunately) knows Spangler by name . . . as we heard a few jokes about him eating the clip board while we were there. 

It turns out that Spangler has managed to compress three vertebrae in his back. He's on this concoction of pain killers, muscle relaxers and steroids, so he's feeling much much better, but there is still a bit of a road ahead of him. We have to keep him flat (no jumping, going up stairs, running, etc.) for the next 2 weeks and then only light exercise 2 weeks after that. If he re-injures his back, it could cause permanent damage.

(Yeah, wish us luck with that.)

He's home and doing really great, it's just hard not to guess what's in it for us next time. Although, I'm sure whatever it is, it will include more expensive visits to the vet.


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