About Me

Hello--I'm Jackie. Welcome to my blog!

I'm a 28 year-old woman who grew up as an Air Force brat, and I now reside in the Lone Star State (Texas, y'all). I have many creative endeavors, and have been into making stuff since I was little. Follow me as I share these bits and pieces of my life.

Meet Cody:

Africa 2009 035 
Cody and I met in college (I was a freshman and he was a senior) and started dating at the beginning of my sophomore year. He is sixth generation Texan and a total man's man, enjoying any outdoor activity he's ever tried. 

I love him more than anything.

Meet Anna


Born in January of 2011, Anna is my daughter and quickly becoming the center of Cody's and my world.

Meet My Sisters and My Parents:


A family of four girls . . . Yes, please have sympathy for my Dad. I am #3 out of the four of us. My parents had all of us in a span of five years. Yes, I think that is crazy. But, we are all very close and even wound up going to the same out-of-state college together.

(Top) Anna and Me. My beautiful Mom. My Dad.

(Bottom) Lizbo, my youngest sister who is a substitute teacher. My oldest sister, Dianne, who is a nurse. And Steph, who is a high school teacher.

Meet Drifter:

Our first addition to our family. We got her in 2004 just after we got married. She was skin and bones when we first got her and now she's . . . pleasantly plump. Drifter has two loves in her life. The first is Cody. A very close second is food.

Drifter likes to spend her days asleep. When she's not eating or sleeping, she is yelling at Spangler--constantly reminding us that she was perfectly happy as an only child.

Meet Sage:

The second addition to our family. Cody still denies agreeing to this one. Somewhat of a challenge, but she is fun to have around. Lots of expensive medical issues, but she was a free cat, right?

Sage likes to spend her time batting at Spangler and (very loudly) yelling at him if he comes in a five foot radius of her.

Meet Spangler:

Spangler was born in November 2009 and is more work than we could have ever imagined. You can catch Spangler doing pretty much anything to get into trouble, but we love him anyway.