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Friday Five: Being Lazy and Appropriately, Planning Vacations

1. Grocery Laziness

My groceries have been sitting on my table since Monday (non-perishables, of course). It'd probably take 5 minutes to actually put them in the pantry, but just one of those things you walk by telling yourself that you'll "do it later."


I mean, how bad is it to actually take the time to take a picture of something you need to do, blog about it, but not actually DO it? Geez . . .

2. A Weekend of (Semi) Good Weather

This weekend isn't going going to be absolutely perfect (chance of rain on Sunday) but I'm SO ready for some nice spring weather. Those of you more north than Texas . . . well . . . I know how it feels. Hopefully May will be here for you sooner rather than later!

3. A Wedding

We have a wedding tomorrow night for Cody's coworker. This is when I wish I was more of a dress person that I am. I think I own one wearable dress (not counting the wedding dress and the prom dresses from high school). I don't even know what's appropriate for a March wedding.

4. Vacation Planning

Cody and I have committed to do one "trip" per month, even if it's a day trip to someplace local. There are so many good places go to without going far and sometimes I feel we overlook what is right in front of us. I've never been to the The Sixth Floor Museum, Six Flags Over Texas, and I haven't even started to explore all the cool ares just an hour or two away.

So we decided next weekend we're doing something. Not sure what that is yet, but I'm just excited that it's something.

5. A Good Pet Story

I'm not just sharing this with you because I own the best black lab ever and this is a story about a black lab. Really. But, it's worth a minute of your time. Buck was found stuck in a dry creekbed after surviving 40 days in freezing weather and it's just amazing that after losing 50 pounds, he was still able to make it home.


Friday Five

1. Dinner.

This was not a good week for dinner. We have eaten out all four weekdays. Monday we had a date night. Tuesday we ate dinner at The Great Outdoors and headed to Backwoods for a Nepal slideshow. I’d love to go to Nepal . . . Wednesday we ate chicken fried steak (literally, it's what all four of us ended up ordering) with Dace and Jacque at Cotton Patch and talked about how to go to Nepal (Dace went there last year). Thursday we attempted to cook dinner but got distracted by an invitation to try a hole-in-the-wall pizza place with Jace and Randy (it was more of a welcome distraction). Friday? Not sure yet. I’ve had chicken marinating in the fridge since Wednesday and we know how successful that’s been . . .

2. Cody found burgers from last Saturday still on the grill.

In our fruitless attempt to cook at home this week, Cody found burgers still on the grill from last Saturday. We had a trash clean-up par-tay Saturday morning. We were in charge of bringing the grill and let’s just say we had some extra burgers we forgot to wrap up . . . Hey, heating up the grill (that we ended up not using) smelled good!

3. We’re dropping the funds on the bathroom this weekend.

After months (well, really a year since we knew this would be our first major house project) we are finally purchasing the new items for the half bath tomorrow. Home Depot and/or Lowes and/or local hardware store, here we come . . .

4. It’s a certain somebody’s birthday this weekend.

And in somebody’s I mean TWO somebody’s. My Mom’s is tomorrow and Cody’s is Sunday. Don’t ask what I’ve gotten them. First, they’ll read this (ahem, since they are probably my only blog readers). Second, I’m really not that good at planning ahead for stuff like this. I’ve got a couple ideas though . . .

5. We’re calling the dog trainer. Soon.

I really think Spangler is pretty darn good for a puppy. We haven’t had any major chewing incidents (he tore the cover off of one of Cody’s books—the only known incident) and he thinks sitting fixes everything. He sits when you’re disciplining him, before a walk, to get inside. Really, it’s pretty darn cute how good he is. I’m glad he thinks sitting fixes everything and not barking, or peeing, or whatever.

Anyway, he’s probably 30/31 pounds and at 14 weeks old, I know he’s going to be huge. If I can get a head start on some good manners, he’ll be an awesome big dog.

All I can say, is Spangler’s world is about to come crashing down . . . Okay, not really. But you know what I mean.