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The World Today


Right now the world seems a bit crazy. It all started with the success of the ‘Jasmine revolt’ in Tunisia, which spurred additional protests in the Middle East and North Africa. Oil prices started to shoot way up, which isn’t helping the economic recession that the United States is in now. Then, a massive earthquake hit Japan, which set off a tsunami. Tens of thousands of people are presumed dead and we’re now sitting at the brink of a nuclear meltdown since the reactors are not able to stay cool. Radiation could possibly get to the West Coast—right where your great grandparents and great aunt and uncle live. It’s a scary situation.

But, you are fast asleep as I type this. Your world consists of eating, sleeping, dirty diapers and that man (who you’ll soon know as your Daddy) that makes you smile. You woke up at 1:30am and again at 5am this morning. You were crying by 6:30am but when I went and got you up you fell back asleep. Me picking you up solved all your problems and you were content again.

It’s hard to see turmoil and suffering, while staring at my seemingly perfect daughter, knowing that you too will experience hardship in your life. I think the hardest thing for me is that I cannot protect you forever. Soon you will have to learn the word “no,” so I can prevent you from doing things that will hurt yourself. You’ll go off to school and encounter bullies and girls that are your friend one minute, and not your friend the next. The boy you like in your 7th grade science class will break your heart. You will experience the death of people you love.

And then there is the world. You will have to face atrocities like the 11 year old raped by 20+ men outside of Houston last November, Muammar Gaddafi killing his fellow Libya citizens or countless Japanese men, women and children dying from a tsunami on a bright and sunny day.

Sometime it’s a bit much to take in and understand. Sometimes I wonder if bringing life into this fallen and sinful world makes sense. But, then I understand.

One day there will be victory over these atrocities. Because of the gift of free will you will choose to do bad things, just as others have. And we don’t deserve it, but if we just acknowledge God’s free grace, given to us because of Jesus’ death, we can overcome the death and suffering. Giving you life, and the ability to love Him, makes it all worth it.