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From Mountain Man to Pencil Thin In One Night

With three weeks off for paternity leave Cody wanted to not shave the entire time he was off. Only once before had he gone that long without shaving, and it was when I had gone home from college for the Christmas holiday waaaaayyyy back when we were dating.

(I had, coincidently, gotten Cody a new razor for Christmas so when he picked me up at the airport after the month apart, he ended up shaving his out-of-control facial hair off in the car!)

The growth really started to bug him but he stayed in-it-to-win-it up until the week he headed back to work.


But he wasn't going to just shave it off. That would be no fun . . .

He started with a plain goatee.


Little bit by little bit, he changed it up.


With the two above probably being the worst.


Well, I take that back. The picture above borders on scary. Not a fan of the pecil thin, but it was one step closer to normal.


It's Been A Long Week

I was off to Philadlephia this past week for work, and it's always difficult when you're at a client site, going to meetings, and yet you still have your job to do. (Which mine, it seems like, is sending email . . . I think my job title should, in fact, be switched to "Conference Call Attender and Email Sender.")

I got in late Thursday night due to a "winter storm" in Philadelphia (if you call an inch of snow a winter storm) and then up Friday morning early for an east-coast 8am meeting (7am my time). Up again Saturday morning to take my sister to the airport. I'm pretty tired, which is evedent by my morning mishap.


A glass of ice water and a cup of hot chocolate is how I've been spending my mornings these past few months and I put the packet of hot chocolate mix in the ice water instead of the hot water.

I think I need a nap.


Daddy-Daughter Denim Day

A few weeks ago Gap was having a sale on their 1969 denim. From 12 Noon to 3pm on a Saturday you had to mention a word that was announced on their Twitter feed and you got 50% off any full price jeans.

(Disclaimer . . . I love The Gap. I worked there starting when I was 16 years old, and spent my last Christmas workingthere at 21. Stores in New Mexico, Texas and Arizona have hosted me at one time or another as an employee . . . I can't help what I'm about to show you. My little girl will, more than likely, be a Gap baby. I can't resist.)

We headed over and got Cody some much-needed new jeans . . . and I also picked up a few pairs for our little girl. I just had to share this because even though I've never been one to coo over baby clothes, this is too cute. Daddy and daughter denim:


I know it's not practical (my Mom has told me that if they don't have snaps, they are a pain to get on and off a baby) but I had to make an exception. Even Cody got a kick out of them.

Little girl . . . We are ready to meet you and get you into these jeans . . .


Thank You UrbanDictionary.com

I was working on this post and the built-in spell-checker on TypePad wasn't finding any suggestions for "unbenounced" so I went to my usual spell-checker, Google.com.

I type in "unbenounced" and I get this:


Thank you UrbanDictionary.com. After decades of school, I think I deserved that one.