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Deep Sea Fishing in Cozumel

You won't find me deep sea fishing.

Not that I'm against it or find it uninteresting, but sitting on a boat in the ocean waiting for fish to bite isn't how I dream about spending my vacation.

Cody, on the other hand, loves it. And, I love that he gets to go.

Last year was his first time fishing in the Caribbean and he did awesome. He caught a white marlin and a HUGE tuna (a special kind of tuna that I can't remember the name of). So, this year, I know he was trying not to set his expectations too high.

All five guys in our group talked about going, but they kept going back and forth on whether or not to go. Cody and Jace asked the boat captains as they saw them dropping people off at the resort and the reports weren't stellar. Some boats would only catch one fish on a half-day trip.

Fortunately, it was decided to go ahead and book a half day anyway.


Shockingly they caught FOUR mahi mahi! Jace, the accountant, had led the drawing of who got to go first, second, etc. He ended up getting number five so he was the only one stuck without a fish, although it really was just luck of the draw. It just means that he'll have to go back, right?


My poor Dad did not do well on the boat. I think he spent most of his time throwing up, but was number two in the order. He had just enough energy left to pull one in.


And, I just had to show you the First Mate's tattoo . . .


I just couldn't believe how big these guys were.


The part that stinks about fishing in Cozumel is our resort (I don't know if other resorts are the same way) prohibited the guests from bringing the fish back onto the property. Luckily, there is this hole-in-the-wall place called "Alberto's" right next door.

So, Cody had the First Mate filet one of the fish, and he took it next door to Alberto's. Just the one fish fed our entire group of ten people, and I'm sure we had leftovers.

Enjoy the video that Cody put together, capturing the highlights of the four hour trip. I promise, no puking is seen in the footage!


Parasailing in Cozumel

On our trip to Cozumel, Mexico last year I promised myself I'd go parasailing, as I've always wanted to do it. It feels like a more safe-but-crazy thing to do, unlike, let's say, bungee jumping.

For our sixth year wedding anniversary that happened last month, I got Cody the GoPro HD camera that he had been drooling over. The GoPro is a tiny camera, probably no more than three inches long, and it has a waterproof shell. Combine that with the different mounts you can get and you can really take it anywhere.

I ended up not being able to go up in the parasail, but I was able to get the video from the boat while Cody videoed from the top, using his new GoPro camera.

It ended up being the ideal excursion. Unlike some of the other excusrions where you have to load up, head into downtown, get on a boat, blah, blah, blah (and it ends up being an all day commitment), the parasailing was a quick hour. They picked us up on our resort's dock took us out, and then right back.

Awesome that it was short. Awesome views.